KESC sets terms for talks with Prime Minister’s body

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The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has decided to enter into dialogue with Prime Minister’s Committee after the government enforces its writ and ensures safe reopening of all KESC network centres, installations and business offices. Until that happens, the KESC finds itself unable to engage into any discussions. The KESC may also suspend all operational activities till its functioning returns to normal and the government enforces law and directives of Sindh High Court.

The KESC understands that it has been deprived of the right to operate and function according to the agreement and understanding reached with Abraaj-Capital at the time of transfer of the company. The capital investment of the foreign stakeholders has been put into danger by the government’s silent spectator attitude all along the union’s sabotage campaign since May 9. The KESC cannot continue to risk the life of its employees who are real assets of the company, also cannot allow its properties and installations damaged indefinitely. The KESC may shut down all operations if the criminal activities against the utility continued.

On Monday, the union miscreants illegally entered Korangi Power Station and forced the employees to stop power generation machines. The disturbance of power generation network of the KESC would not only cause great problems for the citizens but would also harm the electricity supply to the security bases and defence installations besides sensitive and strategic locations. The attempt to halt electricity generation could cause direct harm to the country’s security. The union hooligans also attacked Landhi Grid Station the same day in a bid to stop power transmission to the City from that installation.

The ugliness of the disruptive attacks and direct violence carried out against the KESC betray any standards of moral, social, legal, constitutional and trade union framework. There is no justification whatsoever of the union’s illegal possessions of the utility’s offices and blocking of functioning. Neither there is any logic to the government’s silently allowing all the violence and attacks to happen. Any talks at this point in time would be one-sides and forced, bringing no results.

The KESC believes that not only these negative happenings are against the interests of the power supplying utility but have also been causing adverse impact on the City life and the great miseries to the electricity consumers. The KESC points out the criminal negligence on the part of executive authorities and law enforcers and demands of the government to enforce law and the orders of Sindh High Court and protect the utility’s employees, assets and installations under legal obligations. Till that time, the management would keep away from any dialogue or discussions.

The union miscreants attacked the KESC’s Korangi Gas Turbine Power Station on Monday morning and injured employees there. About 800 union miscreants led by union leader Abdul Aziz attacked the KGTPS and asked the shift employees to stop power generation machines who did not oblige. Upon their refusal to stop generating electricity to cater to the needs of the consumers, the attackers physically beat up duty employees and escaped the scene after hurling threats to stop power generation. They took away close circuit television camera installed at the main gate and cut the wires of rear camera to forestall recording of their illegal actions.-PR

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